Designed for those who either can't walk a long way, or simply don't want to walk too far. My Limited walking workshops are based on a total day's walking of no more than 1 - 1 1/2 miles, and believe me, you'll cover a LOT more than that walking around a shopping centre.

Remember, the more you walk, the less time you have to photograph.

Limited Walking Workshops are based not only on minimal walking, but the walking is kept as far as possible on the level, remembering that Lake District paths can - even those on the level - be a little uneven and rough.

I've had guests on my Limited Walking weeks aged from 30 to 92, so there's no limit, and we always have a good time and give you plenty of locations for great landscape photos with minimal effort.

The 2019 Workshop has taken place - please contact me with interest for a similar workshop in 2020.

Limited Walking Workshop