Covid-19: How it effects us

We are taking great care to ensure you remain safe on your workshop with us with the relaxation of restrictions relating to Covid-19. All rooms are sterilised prior to guests arriving and meals at Fern Howe are taken observing social distancing.


I will wear appropriate PPE when talking to guests, examining their cameras and working closely with you in the field. Appropriate distancing will be observed in the transport, but it may be necessary for a few guests to drive in order to give sufficient social distancing whilst travelling.


Evening sessions taken in the end room at Fern Howe might be restricted to limited numbers, where social distancing requirements making it difficult to have all guests in the room at once. If numbers require, we might need to split evening sessions into two sittings, with those not in the room able to participate using zoom from their bedrooms. With a switch over halfway through the evening.


I will continue to change our procedures to keep in line with government recommendations.